Defend Life - Letter From Our Bishops

All the Catholic Bishops of Ohio are calling on the faithful to take action to defend the dignity of Human Life.

In Ohio, the dignity of life is under attack by a group proposing an amendment to our state constitution that would enshrine and expand abortion at the expense of protecting preborn children and women.


This proposed ammendment is dangerous and unjust because it:

  1. Puts Women at Risk.

  2. Endangers Preborn Children

  3. Enables Those Who Pressue Women


How does it do this? Click Here  to read the amendment and its extreme language. 


The Bishops are asking each parish to mobilize to oppose the proposed amendment.

Read the letter signed by all the Catholic Bishops of Ohio here.


What Can I Do to Stop This?

Go to our Vote No In November Page to see all the ways you can help!


Click Here To Do Something and Sign Up for Ohio March for Life (Scroll to Point #4!)