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In response to the war in Ukraine, the US Government has created the Uniting for Ukraine (U4U) program. This pathway allows individual US residents to support displaced Ukrainians to come to the US and receive two years of humanitarian parole, which means they can live and work in the US for up to two years. Holy Spirit Parish, in coordination with St. Joseph Parish through the Social Justice Minsitry, is looking to sponsor a family and needs a core group of six individuals that will dedicate efforts, personal skills, and resources to help the selected family.

Update 4.28.2023 | Meet Our Team!

Update 5.02.2023 | How You Can Help!


Update 5.26.2023 | How You Can Help!

We have submitted all the paper work necessary to sponsor our Ukrainian family! Now we wait…for our family to be vetted and our approval to sponsor them for two years.

We need your generous support to make this happen. We humbly ask for your help in any way you can. You can make a monetary donation in any amount, make checks payable to St Joseph Parish and on the memo line, write “Ukrainian Welcome Circle”. You can also sign up to donate certain items that we will need to set up the apartment for our family. Sign-up sheets will be in the Gathering Area after all the masses. If you have any questions you will see a name of a member of our core team who can answer questions regarding your donation.

If you are a person who does not like shopping or does not have anything to donate but are able to help us financially we have a sign-up sheet for you! Maybe you can contribute by paying towards the rent, paying a gas bill for a month, helping pay renters insurance, etc. We will need to help our family until they can get a job and become self sufficient.

Holy Spirit Parish is also going to be donating financially to our Welcome Circle endeavor. They also will be responsible to furnish everything needed in the kitchen and then set it up before our family arrives.

*We need gifted people who could help us by being a Ukrainian translator for us. Contact us if you know of anyone!


Want to help or have questions?

Email us at: [email protected]



USCCB’s Department of Migration and Refugee Services is launching a new initiative to support Ukrainians -- Welcome Circles. Across the country, we hope to see Catholic parishes, other houses of worship, and local organizations meet the needs of displaced Ukrainians through collective action.

Welcome Circles are groups of 5 or more adults who agree to financially support Ukrainians through the U4U program and to help them navigate their new community in the US.