Realm Account Step-By-Step Setup

Thank you for registering, we are very grateful and excited to have you here!

To complete the registration process, you will need to setup your account in our parish software Realm, update your information, and add any family members (if needed).


You can watch this video OR follow the written step-by-step instructions below:



Five (5) Steps Total:


Step 1 - Invitation Email

You should have recieved an invitation to Realm from notifications@onrealmmail.org with a link to setup an account.

If you have not received, please 1) check your Spam and Promotions folders and then 2) contact the parish staff at hsp@hspal.org


Step 2 - Create an Account

Once you click the link, you will be taken to the Create Account Screen. You will need to create a password that meets the system's security requirements.

Create Account

You will need to check the "I'm not a robot" box and take a security quiz. 


Step 3 - Find "My Profile"

Once in, you will want to click the little down carrot next to your name (at the top right of the screen) and then select the "My Profile" option


Step 4 - Editing "My Profile"

Here, click the "Edit Profile" button.

You will be able to edit both your "Contact Information" (address, alternate phone # etc.)  and "Personal Information" (Birthday, Allergies, Sacraments, etc.)  in this screen.

**NOTE - Everyone is a little different. So tell us what groups or activities you want to learn more about in the "Interests" drop down under "Personal Information".


Make sure to hit the "Save" button when you are done!

It is important to fill out all the fields to make sure that you will be contacted about events and programs pertinent to you.


Step 5 (IF APPLICABLE) - Adding Family

To add a spouse/children/other member of your household:

Return to the "My Profile" screen. Click the "Add Family" button on the right hand side.


Once added, you can go into each family member's profile and edit their information in the same way you edited your own. 

**Adding emails is optional for these family members. If a spouse or other adult household member would like their own Realm login, you can enter in a separate email and invite them to Realm. (They will create a new account the same way you did.) - It is important to note that this must be a different email than the one you used to create your profile. 

Again - it is important to ensure that each family member's information is up to date so that relevant information is communicated to you and yours. 



Now you've completed registration, thank you!


Make sure to log into Realm periodically to stay in touch, review giving receipts, and keep your information up to date. 


Having trouble with this process? Contact Mike Schmiesing, the Pastoral Assistant at mschmiesing@hspal.org