Youth Ministry Resources

'What Day of the Pandemic Are We On?' Resources

Blog Post: "Co-Creation in a Time of Pandemic", Word On Fire

    -A great article about present times, creating, and becoming who you are made to be (and house plants).

Podcast- Fr. Mike Schmitz: Bible in a Year

Want to learn more? Need a spiritual pick me up mid-week? Look at the resources below! They range from a priest in the Netherlands geeking out about Star Wars or Doctor Who to some frank answers to difficult times and difficult questions.

For the Girls

Abiding Together Podcast

Abiding Together Podcast (with Sr. Miriam James Heidland!)


Culture-movies, books, video games+nerd culture (#LLAP!)


Content produced by Fr. Roderick, a Catholic Priest from the Netherlands who is obsessed with Star Wars.



Home of the podcast "Secrets of Doctor Who" Whovians, I highly recommend it.


Resources for prayer

The Daily Disconnect 

A 10 minute (or less) contemplative podcast produced by the Order of Carmelites. An awesome way to take a quick break!



Both an app and a website where you can access the Liturgy of the Hours-a tradition with a lot of history in our Church prayed daily by priests, religious, and laity.


Examen Prayer App

An app developed by a priest from our Diocese to assist you with praying The Examen, a prayer created by St. Ignatius of Loyola that is very helpful for reflecting on your day and preparing for the next.

If you like to journal, you'll like this way of praying.


Pray as You Go App

Pray as You Go App

An awesome prayer app maintained by the Jesuits from the UK. Great for using with headphones.


Need Answers?

Word on Fire Show Podcast

From beauty to how do we know God exists to sports and spirituality, if you have a question, Word on Fire probably has a podcast about it.


Created & Called Podcast

Thinking about the future? The Diocese of Cleveland recently (as in Fall 2020) started a podcast on Vocations (and while you think that just means Priesthood and religious life, it's actually everything). Hear it straight from the horse's mouth-

"The Created & Called podcast, brought to you by the Vocation Office of the Diocese of Cleveland, seeks to encourage a culture of vocations through the sharing of stories. Learn more about the joys and struggles of the journey to priesthood, consecrated religious life, marriage, diaconate, and single life from those who have lived it! "


Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Word on Fire


From movies, to travel, to questions of faith and life, there's probably and article for it.

Run How Fast Can You Podcast

Run, How Fast Can You? Podcast

Yes. Zak and Sarah started a podcast to help y'all out during the Coronavirus Shutdown. The sound quality? Bad. The content quality? Questionable. The awkward/awesomeness balance=100% .


Bummed Retreat Got Rescheduled? Here are some great talks and witnesses on Youtube:

Fr. Mike Schmitz: "The Hour That Will Change Your Life" Seek 2015 Link to YouTube Here.

Sr. Miriam James Heidland: "Intimacy with God: Receiving the Heart of the One Who Loves Us" Link to YouTube Here.

Paul J. Kim: "I Thirst" Steubenville, 2016: Link to YouTube Here.

Books (Updated for COVID)

(Because I know you have some time on your hands...)

"The Power of Silence" by Cardinal Sarah (a weighty read but well worth your time, even if you only ever read one page!)

"Loved as I Am" by Sr. Miriam James Heidland

"Left to Tell" by Immaculee Ilibagiza (we saw her at NCYC!)

"Vibrant Paradoxes: The Both/And of Catholicism" by Bishop Robert Barron (or really anything by Bishop Robert Barron)

"The Discernment of Spirits: An Ignatian Guide to Every Day Living" by Fr. Timothy Gallagher, O.M.V.