Trapper Jack

The Eucharist | A Challenging Truth to Swallow
presented by Trapper Jack

Thursday, November 30th at 6 PM - In the Church
Holy Spirit Parish | 410 Lear Rd. Avon Lake, OH 44012


Trapper Jack left what he felt was a boring and disconnected God. After a series of miraculous encounters, his faith was ignited.

Legally blind, Trapper made a name for himself as a family-friendly morning radio host for 30+ years. He is married to his wife, Elizabeth, and has two adult children.

Since his departure from secular radio in 2012, Trapper has taken to using his microphone to share his faith through podcasts and inspirational talks.

The miraculous brought Trapper back. Suddenly, God became real and Trapper understood that he was being called into a relationship. He believes sharing God’s miraculous encounters will help keep people in the pews with the realization that God is far from boring.


We hope you can come and hear Trapper Jack's moving witness about how the Eucharist transformed his life. 

There will be a social following his presenation and Benediction.

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